Proof that Western Media and Governments Fabricate Boko Haram Narratives, in Cooperation with Nigerian Government

Truth News International

Last Monday, May 26, Examiner pointed out the fact that the story, as created by the Western media and governments, surrounding the alleged still abducted Nigerian girls is a false story. Examiner wrote: “Nigerian School Girls Already Free.” Several earlier reports such as from News24 and even CNN confirm this.

The fact that the US government and western press continue to exploit the earlier abductions of these girls is yet another piece of hard evidence that the deceptive “war on terror,” which has claimed already more than 1.5 million deaths at the hands of the UNEI alliance, is completely fabricated and is founded on nothing but lies.

As if this is not bad enough, since millions of people are buying into the false narratives that the western media pushes forward, the US government and it’s allies are now turning to a proven to be successful method…

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